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Exabyte Research Hub: Exabyte(s) in action

The Exabyte team is currently developing a web-based environment to facilitate sharing and discovery of Exabyte methods. People will be able to upload their data and methods or try out different available methods on their data - what will you find?

The aim is to cater for a wide range of users from different disciplines (and potentially the wider public). The Exabyte researchers can use the Exabyte Research Hub as a platform for developing and employing computational methods for managing and curating data.

A preliminary version of the platform was demonstrated live in October 2009 at the HPC Symposium, and has already led to several possible avenues of interdisciplinary collaboration. A much improved version has been demonstrated at the HPC Symposium on 'Smarter Use of Data' in November 2010.

If you are a student and want to contribute to the development of this state-of-the-art data curation and mining tool, please get in touch.

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